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Our Mission

To accelerate the heralding of the whole gospel in its final stages, as given in the closing messages and prophecies of the bible; to foster and promote more involvement, greate interest, and deeper studies on the scienc of redemption, “the science of all sciences”.




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  1. Dear Brothers and Sisters in the lord,
    Receive our warmest greetings through the Mighty and blessed name of the son of God!!
    Your website has been of great blessing to my church family. May God richly bless you.
    You may wonder that who is this, but am your brother in the lord and name is pastor David and my wife Emma, from Kenya. We’re called of God ministering in one independent church and 11 orphaned children that we give aid to within our reach. Above all,we’re so blessed through your teaching on your website.
    Through the direction of the Holy spirit, we kindly need to be part of you and we invite you over to Kenya for the expansion of your work.It will be a great blessing to work along with you.
    We will be also blessed to receive some teaching materials and tracts as you are enabled.
    Brothers and sisters, we will be also blessed again to hear from you as the Holy spirit may directs you. God bless you and be strong in faith.
    Yours in His service,

    Pastor Eric Nyabuto

    • Pastor Nathaniel Fajardo says:

      Dear Pastor Eric Nyabuto,

      Praise God for the truth as it is in Jesus that identifies and binds His people all over the world in preparation for His soon coming. Thanks for your invitation to travel to Kenya.

      I no longer can travel as I used to but God has opened even greater means through the modern marvel of the internet to reach even farther and deeper into the local and world mission field to share the three angels’ messages alongside other ministries.

      You can access our studies and sermons through our website which is still undergoing improvements, as you very well can see. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide and impart the divine nature, grace, inspiration, wisdom, strength, energy, and dedication to finishing the work assigned to you in the part of the harvest field.

      If we remain faithful to Jesus to the end at the close of earth’s probation just before His second coming, which is drawing nearer everyday, the assurance is we will finally see Him face-to-face in His full glory undimmed and receive the crown of eternal life and inherit the heavenly mansions He prepared for us in heaven, and the earth made new a thousand years after.

      Pastor Nathaniel Fajardo

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