Photo Credit by Flickr/Miles Sabin

Photo Credit by Flickr/Miles Sabin


January 30, 2015

Nathaniel Fajardo

Biblical Numerology: NUMBER TWO – Part XXI


This writer’s attention was called by Professor Manuel Fauni to last week’s FMM (January 23 issue) wherein I wrote in the last sentence: “The seven last plagues (Rev. 15: 1, 8, 16: 1-21), are also called ‘the four winds of the earth,’ Rev. 7: 1-3, ‘the wine of the wrath of God unmingled with mercy,’ (Rev. 14: 9) ‘the wrath of Him who sits on the throne and of the Lamb ’(Rev. 6: 16, 17).”

Thank you. I stand corrected as it was prematurely added to the mix. Following sacred chronology of yet-unfulfilled prophecy no longer fixed by prophetic time after 1844, the 7 last plagues are God’s “righteous judgments” upon the finally impenitent (Rev. 15: 4), administered by the 7 angels John saw coming out of the temple of God in heaven. (chs. 15: 5, 5, 6: 16: 1).

These are poured out consecutively but not simultaneously nor universally upon all who, after the mark of the beast has been enacted/ enforced by the image of the beast, and earth’s inhabitants have been illuminated with God’s glory, accompanied with the last warning of the final loud cry, “Babylon the great is fallen is fallen, and has become a habitation of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hateful bird . . .” (Rev. 18: 2-5) under the power of the latter rain described in Revelation 18—stubbornly persist in worshipping (through obedience) the beast and his image and receive the mark, name or number in their forehead or in their hands.

Earth’s probation is forever ended. “The agencies of evil are combining their forces and consolidating. They are strengthening for the last great crisis. Great changes are soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones.” 9T 11.  Only then does Christ return in all His glory and His angels after the seventh plague.


      1. The early time of trouble which commences immediately after the long-anticipated enactment and enforcement of the man-made counterfeit “Christian sabbath” or “Lord’s day” which was first attempted but aborted by our merciful God in 1888 in the Breckenridge and Blair Sunday law bills introduced in Congress. (America is symbolized as a “beast with lamb-like horns that will speak like a dragon” in Revelation 13). In the final one rapidly approaching us, the nations of the earth will quickly follow suit. Either immediately preceding or following this will be the final outpouring of the Holy Spirit in latter rain power upon all who have prepared for it and are alive at that time, empowering them to give the final loud cry of the third angel, which, at that glorious time, is called the “fourth angel.” Rev. 18: 1-24.

      NOTE:  “Multitudes are to be gathered into the fold. Many who have known the truth have corrupted their way before God and have departed from the faith [once delivered to the saints, Jude 3]. The broken ranks will be filled up by those represented by Christ as coming in at the eleventh hour [see Parable of The Workers in the Vineyard, Matt. 20: 1-16]. There are many with whom the Spirit of God is striving.

     “The time of God’s destructive judgments [during this early time of trouble] is the time of mercy for those who have no opportunity to learn what is truth [up until this time]. Tenderly will the Lord look upon them. His heart of mercy is touched; His hand is still stretched out to save; while the door is closed to those who will not enter. Large numbers will be admitted who in these last days hear the truth for the first time.”—Letter 103, June 3, 1903/TDG 163.

     Noah’s Time and Ours. “There was a shut door in Noah’s time. There was a shut door to the unbelievers in the destruction of Sodom, but an open door to Lot. There was a shut door to the inhabitants of Tyrus, and shut door to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. . .  who disbelieved, but an open door to the humble, the believing, those who obeyed God. Thus it will be at the end of [probation] time.”-Manuscript 17, Aug. 14, 1885.

      2. “The time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time:and at that time thy people shall be delivered, everyone that shall be found written in the book [of life].” Dan. 12: 1, 2. This is “Jacob’s time of trouble.” At that time “Michael shall stand up, the great prince which stands for the children of thy people.” This “standing up” denotes that Christ’s final work and office as merciful High Priest, Mediator, Advocate, and Judge of all the earth during this antitypical day of atonement begun in 1844, the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary (Dan. 8: 14), with the final blotting out of the record of the sins of all overcomers, including all martyred during the Dark Ages of 1260 years but overcame  Satan and his evil hosts, both evil spirits and evil men “by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony,” is forever ended. Rev. 12: 11. The eternal destiny of all is irrevocably fixed at this point, for the final verdict of the pre-advent judgment of the heavenly tribunal is, “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy let him be holy still.” Rev. 22: 11.  Michael is Christ’s title when referred to as the commander-in-chief of the heavenly host or army of angels. Rev. 12: 7; Dan. 10: 13, 21; 12:1; Jude 9.

The more detailed discussion of the “four winds of the earth” will be under Number Four of series on Biblical Numerology. The “four winds” of Revelation 7 are held in check “until the servants of God are sealed in the foreheads”—these servants specifically referred to as the 144, 000 (Rev. 7: 1-8; Rev 14: 1-5).  We quote the following below, among many others that will be referenced later when we get to Number 4, the 4 angels, the 4 winds of strife, and the sealing of a group of people, etc.

The fact is, this earlier consideration of the four angels of Revelation 7 are inextricably interwoven into the fabric of eschatology of both Daniel and John and the two witnesses of the Old and New Testaments. In the meantime, here are vital passages, showing that the four winds are not the seven last plagues, but precede it:

     “I saw that the four angels would hold the four winds until Jesus’ work was done in the sanctuary, and then will come the seven last plagues [emphasis mine]. These plagues enraged the wicked against the righteous; they thought that we had brought the judgments of God upon them, and that if they could rid the earth of us, the plagues would then be stayed. A decree went forth to slay the saints, which caused them to cry day and night for deliverance. This was the time of Jacob’s trouble. Then all the saints cried out in anguish of spirit, and were delivered by the voice of God. The one hundred and forty-four thousand triumphed. . . . .

         “I saw four angels who had a work to do on the earth, and were on their way to accomplish it. Jesus was clothed with priestly garments [i.e., still interceding as High Priest]. He gazed in pity on the remnant, then raised His hands, and with a voice of deep pity, cried, ‘My blood, Father, My blood! My blood! My blood! [NOTE: Jesus pleads the efficacy of His spilled blood 4 times!] Then I saw an exceeding bright light come from God, who sat on the great white throne [Rev. 20: 11, 12], and was shed all about Jesus. Then I saw an angel [Gabriel] with a commission from Jesus, swiftly flying to the four angels who had a work to do in the earth, and waving something up and down his hand, and crying with a loud voice, ‘Hold! Hold! Hold! Hold! [4 times, one for each of the four angels] until the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads.’

      “I asked my accompanying angel the meaning of what I heard, and what the four angels were about to do. He said to me that it was God who restrained the powers, and that He gave angels charge over things on the earth; that the four angels had power from God to hold the four winds, and that they were about to let them go; but while their hands were loosening, and the four winds were about to blow, the merciful eye of Jesus gazed upon the remnant that were not sealed, and He raised His hands to the Father, and pleaded with Him that He had spilled His blood for them. Then another angel was commissioned to fly swiftly to the four angels, and bid them hold, until the servants of God were sealed in their foreheads.”—E. G. White, Life Sketches, pp. 117-119.  [Note: This is what happened in 1888)

     “Everything in our world is in agitation. Coming events cast their shadows before. The signs of the times are ominous, indeed. There is assurance in nothing that is human or earthly. The winds are held by the four angels; a moment of respite has been graciously given us of God. [For what purpose?] Every power lent us of God, whether physical, mental, or moral, is to be sacredly cherished to do the work assigned us for our fellowmen who are perishing in their ignorance. The warning is to go to all parts of the world. There must be no delay.” – Testimonies to Ministers, p. 364.

     “If such scenes as this are to come, such tremendous judgments on a guilty world, where will be the refuge for God’s people? How will they be sheltered until the indignation be overpast [Isa. 26: 20 ]? John sees the elements of nature—earthquake, tempests, and political strife—represented as being held by four angels. These winds are under the control until God gives the word to let them go. There is the safety of God’s church. The angels of God do His bidding, holding back the winds of the earth, . . . until the servants of God should be sealed in their foreheads . . . Those that overcome the world, the flesh, the devil, will be the favored ones who shall receive the seal of the living God. Those whose hands are not clean, whose hearts are not pure, will not have the seal of the living God.

Those who are planning sin and acting it will be passed by. Only those who, in their attitude before God, are filling the positions of those who are repenting and confessing their sins in the great anti-typical day of atonement, will be recognized and marked as worthy of God’s protection. The names of those who are steadfastly looking and waiting and watching for the appearing of their Savior—more earnestly and wishfully than they who wait for the morning—will be numbered with those who are sealed.

     “Those who, while having all the light of truth flashing upon their souls, should have works corresponding to their avowed faith, but are allured by sin, setting up idols in their hearts, and polluting those who unite with them in sin, will have their names blotted out of the book of life, and will be left inmidnight darkness, having no oil in their vessels with their lamps [of profession].[See Parable of the Ten Virgins, Matt. 25: 1-13] ‘Unto you that fear My name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in His wings.’[Malachi 4:2]. This sealing of the servants of God is the same that was shown to Ezekiel in vision. [See Ezekiel 9: 1-11!]” – Ibid, pp. 444-446.

(Continued next week).