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Month: January 2013

Study for the Month January 2013 (Continued)

5. “To seal up the vision.” – Events that transpired within these 490 years, would t “seal,” or establish the entire vision of the 2,300 day-years.

6. “To anoint the most holy.”- During this time Christ would be anointed of the Holy Spirit, identifying Him as the promised Messiah after being baptized by John the Baptist. This has to be the primary application of the prophecy. It is also true that in the type, when the time came to begin the service in the earthly sanctuary, the entire sanctuary was anointed (Exo. 40:9); and when Christ entered the heavenly sanctuary to perform the work of which the earthly service was a type, the heavenly sanctuary was anointed before He began His ministry in the first apartment. Note: The heavenly sanctuary is also spoken of as the “most holy” in order to distinguish it from the earthly.

Wonderful changes were wrought in the history of the early church during the 490 years. After the angel had enumerated the events to take place during that period, he told Daniel where to locate it in the history of the world, by announcing the date of the beginning of the period: Read more

Study for the Month January 2013

A Quick Summary of the

Wonderful Prophecies of Daniel 8 & 9

From Nathaniel M. Fajardo

Whole Gospel Ministries

Extracted from “The Cross and Its Shadow” by Stephen. Haskell, pp. 188-197

Opening Statement

See Rev. 14: 6; Acts 17:31. The Day of Judgment is a definite period of time set apart in which to perform this specific work. Note: “God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose, and for every work,” Eccl. 3:17. The world and the churches were not left in darkness or ignorance in regard to the time and the nature of the closing work of judgment of which the literal Day of Atonement and its service in the Jewish economy of the Old Covenant, involving the cleansing of the sanctuary was its type. Through the prophet Daniel God foretold when that event would take place.

In chapter eight of the book of Daniel, we read that in the last days of the Babylonian kingdom the prophet was given a prophetic view of the history of the world and nations from that time until the end of all earthly kingdoms, that is, those that directly impact the experience of His people and truth. Read more