City Temple SDA Church, Dallas, Texas

Photo credit by Flickr/City Temple SDA Church, Dallas, Texas


June 20, 2014

Are We Preparing for the Latter Rain?– Part XXXV


A Sabbath-Keeping People (continued)

“THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME.” Exo. 20: 3; Deut. 5: 7. This is the first commandment of God’s law that is as glorious, eternal, and unchanging as its Author. “Jehovah, the eternal, self-existent One, himself the source and sustainer of all, is alone entitled to supreme reverence and worship. Man is forbidden to give any other object the first place in his affections or service. Whatever we cherish that tends to lessen our love for God or to interfere with service due Him, of that we do make a god.” – E. G. White, Patriarchs & Prophets, p. 35. Read more