Photo Credit by Flickr/Hayden Petrie

Photo Credit by Flickr/Hayden Petrie


August 22, 2014

Nathaniel Fajardo

The Holy Spirit: do we really know Him? – Part VI


 John 3: 1-21. If from a genuine conversion one has satisfied the conditions Christ specified to Nicodemus on how to enter the kingdom of God—by watery death-by-immersion-baptism (Rom. 6: 3-6; Matt. 3: 13-17), and receiving the Holy Spirit, experiencing Him as the Bible describes His role, various manifestations, and work in the plan of salvation, as Christ’s Successor—how do we retain His fullness so that He can continuously bear in us His nine fruits (Gal. 5: 22, 23) to maturation on the difficult way and narrow gate that results in character perfection (Matt 7: 13, 14; 5: 48)?

 First, the Holy Spirit is the only Godhead-appointed Imparter of the divine nature to all who, by child-like faith receive Jesus Christ as their Substitute and surety, Read more