Photo Credit by Flickr/Miles Sabin

Photo Credit by Flickr/Miles Sabin


September 12, 2014

Nathaniel Fajardo                          

Biblical Numerology-Part I


 God Creator, reverently addressed as Jehovah in the Old Testament, and Jesus Christ, God incarnate, in the New Testament is also introduced to in at least 224 other names and titles (See Strong’s Comprehensive Concordance, Universal Subject Guide to the Bible, under “Christ, the Anointed One,Other Names,”). It should have included Michael, the Archangel or “Commander-in-Chief of the angelic hosts.” (Daniel 10: 13, 21; 12: 1; Jude 9; Rev. 12: 7). He is also identified in the prophetic book of Daniel as “Palmoni, the Numberer of secrets or Wonderful Numberer.”

    “In Daniel 8, Verse 13 the word ‘saint’ is supplied. ‘Certain’ is a combination of two Hebrew words. The first is either pali or pala. The second is mena. Each are applied in the Scriptures to the Lord. The margin says, “Heb. Palmoni; the numbered of secrets, or Wonderful Numberer. This is undoubtedly a referral to Jesus, and Jesus is the one who gives the answer in Daniel 8: 14. [pali, “secret,” Judges 13: 18; pala, “wonderful,” Isa. 9:6 + mena, “numbers,” Daniel 5:26].” 8. htm: Read more