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Day: November 20, 2014

Signs and Wonders

Biblical Numerology: NUMBER TWO – Part XI

Photo Credit by Flickr/Miles Sabin

Photo Credit by Flickr/Miles Sabin

FRIDAY MORNING MANNA                

November 21, 2014

Nathaniel Fajardo                                 


Biblical Numerology: NUMBER TWO – Part XI


Thank God! There is growing class of people upon earth who consider each day a day of Thanksgiving and spiritual growth—not merely a holiday that precedes “Black Friday that kicks off the start the wild Christmas shopping season”—that’s by their own words, not mine. Gratefully and joyfully, every true Christian—the spiritual Jew “whose circumcision is not of the flesh but of the heart” (Rom. 2: 28, 29), daily petitions God’s throne of grace for fresh provisions for the battle and the promised deliverance and victories over sin and temptation in and through Christ for that day and that day alone (1 Cor. 15: 57). The immediately thank God for answering their prayers. Do we belong to this class? As in the type, their numbers have and always will be in the minority.

 Or are we part of the vastly numerically superior class—the constant murmurers, sighers, and complainers who seem to have lost all reason and ability to thank and praise God for His unnumbered unmerited favors and blessings. They are the antitypical hard-hearted, ungrateful Israelites, so wonderfully delivered by God’s miraculous acts from their centuries-long Egyptian [sin] bondage and were in the process of being de-programmed of their acquired slavish and idolatrous habits and tastes; were being tested, trained, and fitted by God in their Wilderness passage and experience, not merely to inherit the “land flowing with milk and honey” but more specially to be God’s representatives to the heathen Canaanites of the earthly Promised land—what today is the whole country west of the Jordan known as Palestine. Read more