Photo Credit Flickr/ernestkoe

Photo Credit Flickr/ernestkoe


May 22, 2015

Nathaniel Fajardo

Biblical Numerology: NUMBER THREE – Part IX


The closest star to our planet earth is Proxima Centauri (part of the Alpha Centauri triple system)—about 4.3 light years or roughly 25 trillion (25 million million) miles away. Beta Centauri is even farther—350 light years. Since the distance between Earth and moon is roughly a quarter of a million miles, the distance from Earth to Alpha Centauri would be about 100 million times the distance from earth to the moon. See YahooAnswers.

Now most will agree that Heaven or Paradise , the home of God and the angels, most likely is at the center of the universe is infinitely farther “somewhere out there.” If so, pray tell, how does God the Father and Jesus, the ascended Savior who, since 31 C.E. has been interceding and pleading His blood as our merciful High Priest and Mediator in the heavenly courts above in His glorified human nature that the Twelve disciples and two angels witnessed and testified to (Acts 1: 1-15)–see, yea, dwell in us and abide in our hearts?  How will He “bring every” person’s “work into judgment with every secret thing, whether they be good or evil”? (Eccl. 12: 13, 14; Luke 8: 17)? Read more