Photo Credit Flickr/ernestkoe

Photo Credit Flickr/ernestkoe


September 25, 2015

Nathaniel Fajardo

Biblical Numerology: NUMBER THREE – Part XVII


John chapter 17 records Christ’s valedictory prayer to the Father in heaven for all His true disciples on earth.It embodies the Prince of Peace’s Creed for His true church through all time. Its end result is “the peace that passeth understanding” “which the world cannot give.” Phil. 4: 7; John 14: 27.

Many church creeds do not harmonize with the Bible and yet are upheld as gospel truth by its adherents. Their disharmony with one another through the centuries since after the relatively short spell of the early part of the Reformation in the Old World, and their confused state since then, is the evidence in itself. In desperation they have tried every man-made effort, idea, philosophy, science, and scheme in the grandest scale possible of confederacy to achieve “lasting” unity, peace, and prosperity, hanging their plighted hope on hooks that can only break, vainly hoping for the earthly glory of Solomon’s reign or the “glory that was Rome.”

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