Biblical Numerology: NUMBER FOUR & FORTY– Part XI

Fourfold Lie/Deception Embedded in the First Temptation Alone


 Main Source: Confrontation, originally published under the title of Redemption; or The Temptation of Christ in the Wilderness by E.G. White, pp. 37-40:

    “When Christ bore the test of temptation upon the point of appetite He did not stand in the beautiful Eden, as did Adam, with the light and love of God seen in everything his eye his eyes rested upon; but Christ was in a barren, desolate wilderness, surrounded with wild beasts. Everything around Him was repulsive. With these surroundings, He fasted forty days and forty nights, ‘and those days he did eat nothing.’ He was emaciated through long fasting and felt the keenest sense of hunger. His visage was indeed marred than the sons of man [Isa. 52: 14]. Read more