Biblical Numerology: NUMBER FOUR & FORTY– Part IX

 Ezekiel, the Priest-Prophet in Type and Antitype: Their Work & Message Before Four Winds Unleashed    

From Prophets and Kings by E.G. White, “The Asssyrian Captivity” chapter, we read:

     “The closing years of the ill-fated kingdom of Israel were marked with violence and bloodshed such as had never been witnessed even in the worst periods of strife and unrest under house of Ahab. For 2 centuries and more the rulers of the ten [northern] tribes of Israel had been sowing the wind; now they were reaping the whirlwind. King after king was assassinated to make way for others ambitious to rule. Every principle of justice was set aside; those who should have stood before the nations of earth as the depositaries of divine grace, ‘dealt treacherously against the Lord’ (Hos. 5: 7) and with one another.” p. 279. Read more