Biblical Numerology: NUMBER FIVE Part V

Can Five Loaves Feed More than Five Thousand Hungry Men



Men works on the plan of addition, God, on the plan of multiplication.


Quoted from Desire of Ages, Ellen G. White, “Give Ye Them to Eat,” chapter XXXIX, pp. 364-371, based on Matt. 14: 13-21; Mark 6: 32-44; Luke 9: 10-17; John 6: 1-13: —

     “Christ had retired to a secluded place with His disciples, but this rare season of peaceful quietude was soon broken. The disciples thought they had retired where they would not be disturbed; but as soon as the multitude missed the divine Teacher, they inquired, ‘Where is He?’ . . . .The Passover was at hand, and, from far and near, bands of pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem gathered to see Jesus. Additions were made to their number, until there were assembled five thousand men besides women and children . .   Read more