Biblical Numerology: NUMBER SEVEN – Part 21
Unbroken Apostolic Succession of the Papacy?  

According to Webster’s Student Edition Dictionary (1976), papacy includes four things: “1. the position or authority of the pope 2. the period during which the pope rules  3. the line of succession of popes 4. the government of the Roman Catholic Church, headed by the pope.” It is important to remember these 4-point definition whenever referring to the papacy. Moreover, it is essential to remember that not one single or any particular pope is the papacy or the beast, even the president is the presidency or a senator the senate itself, etc. This would expose many false interpretations. For instance, while he was still alive, it was claimed that Pope John Paul (the first Polish pope) was the “last pope,” who was allegedly going to usher in the “New World Order” for the Church of Rome, with Gorbachev for Russia, and George Bush Sr. for America!  Read more