FRIDAY MORNING MANNA                 April 27, 2018             

Nathaniel Fajardo                

Biblical Numerology: NUMBER SEVEN

Neutrality is neither here nor there or anywhere near the truth as it is in Jesus


“Our standing before God depends, not upon the amount of light we have received,

 but upon the use we make  of what we have.

– Ellen G. White, The Desire of Ages, p. 239.

The Gold Mine of God’s Word: “We have seen only the glimmering of divine glory and of the infinitude of knowledge of wisdom; we have, as it were, been working on the surface of the mine, when rich, golden ore is beneath the surface, to reward the one who will dig for it.”- E.G. White, My Life Today (Devotional), p. 108.

How deep have you dug into the gold mine of God’s Word—this far into your life, this late in earth’s history and Read more