Photo Credit by Flickr/JD Hancock

Photo Credit by Flickr/JD Hancock

FRIDAY MORNING MANNA               May 9, 2014

Nathaniel Fajardo                          

Are We Preparing for the Latter Rain?– Part XXIX 

A Working People (Continued)


Sunday, May 11, is Mother’s Day. It’s the mothers, not the day that truly matters.

Responsible, especially godly mothers are the hardest-working, often unrecognized and certainly “uncanonized” living saints on earth by heaven’s estimate for they have a position of a missionary in the highest sense and are co-workers with the minister in the home. They joyfully yet solemnly realize that: “The child’s first teacher is the mother. During the period of greatest susceptibility and most rapid development his education to a great degree is in her hands. To her first is given opportunity to mold the character for good or evil. She should understand the value of her opportunity, and above every other teacher, should be qualified to use it to the best account.”- E. G. White, Child Guidance, p. 63. Southern Publishing Asso.1953.  Read more