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Did ‘hell freeze over’ or was the pope betrayed by a friend?

FRIDAY MORNING MANNA      April 6, 2018

Nathaniel Fajardo                

Biblical Numerology: NUMBER SEVEN – Part 42

Did ‘hell freeze over’ or was the pope betrayed by a friend?


“It is beyond the power of the human mind to estimate the evil which has been wrought by the heresy of eternal torment.”

– E. G. White, Great Controversy, 1911 ed. p. 535.

No pun intended but a searing hot topic right now is the earth-shaking unintended recent revelation that  Francis, Read more

Six Cities of Refuge: Symbols of Refuge Provided in Christ


Biblical Numerology: NUMBER SIX Part I

 Six Cities of Refuge Symbols of Refuge Provided in Christ


Quote for the Week

Revenge, at first thought sweet, bitter ere long back on itself recoils.

JOHN MILTON, Paradise Lost


See Joshua 10: 40-43; 4: 12, 13; chapter 11; 14: 6-15, 17; 17: 14-18; 18: 1-10; 19: 59, 50; chapter 11; chapter 22; 35: 31-33; Num. 25: 11, 13;  35: 11, 12; 35: 30-33; Gen. 9: 6; Exo.. 21:14; Jer. 7, 12, 14; Matt. 18: 16; Heb. 10: 26, 27; John 17: 20; 1 Pet. 3: 8, 9.

It would be interesting to see what their individual reactions would be, and how much, if any, it would influence their thinking for the present and the long-term in their powerful positions within their respective spheres of influence in forming policies and making decisions on the fly as presidents of two  nations that are currently on the spotlight of the daily news cycle: Read more

Biblical Numerology: NUMBER TWO – Part XIV

Photo Credit by Flickr/Miles Sabin

Photo Credit by Flickr/Miles Sabin


December 12, 2014

Nathaniel Fajardo

Biblical Numerology: NUMBER TWO – Part XIV


“If you would be a saint in heaven, you must first be a saint on earth.” And no one need  die first and wait for the church-invented process for sainthood to kick in, for, “Heaven is to begin on this earth.  When the Lord’s people are filled with meekness and tenderness, they will realize that His banner over them is love, and His fruit will be sweet to their taste. They will make a heaven below in which to prepare for heaven above.” (Words in quotes by E. G. White, Sons & Daughters, p. 112)

 In the real, eternity-determining grand scheme of things, according to God’s Word, this fallen, cursed world of ours—the one planet in rebellion throughout the perfect universe, is not a grand parade-ground, a dream-like stroll through the park, a glitzy fashion show, a pull-out-the-stops party place, a global carnival, a romantic cruise through the warm tourists spots, or a winter wonderland—although the master deceiver wants it so perceived and imagined. Ask all who are suffering; they’ll tell you the stark truth by experience. Read more