Biblical Numerology: NUMBER SEVEN – Part 17

Spiritual Lessons for the Church Today from the Ceremonial Feasts and Festivals, Including the Added Rosh Hashanah

    “Festivals. Celebrations or observances recurring yearly, mostly connected with the ceremonial law [“the law” blotted out at Christ’s death, not the Decalogue]. Three times in the year all Hebrew men were required to gather at Jerusalem (Exo. 23: 14-17; Deut. 16: 16) to celebrate the three [annual] harvest festivals:

      (1)  (which immediately followed the Passover supper held the preceding night) in the middle of the first month, at the beginning of the barley harvest (Lev. 25:5-14); [the Passover was permanently replaced by Christ with the Lord’s Supper instituted on evening of the 4th and last Passover He participated in. John 13: 1-38; Matt. 26: 17-30; 1 Cor. 11: 23-26.] Read more