“As in the study of physiology they see that they are indeed ‘fearfully and wonderfully made,’ they will be inspired with reverence. Instead of marring God’s handiwork, they will have an ambition to make all that is possible of themselves, in order to fulfill the Creator’s glorious plan. Thus they will come to regard obedience to the laws of health, not as a matter of sacrifice or self-denial, but as it really is, an inestimable privilege and blessing.” – Education, p. 201.      

This should help disabuse the minds of those who think that when they strive to live in conformity to the eight laws of health that they are performing a “very great sacrifice of self-denial.” When thus narrowly viewed, making others aware of their efforts makes them somehow feel and act superior to those who are not into it, yet. But true health reform is not self-sacrifice per se even if it does require self-denial as much as it is a wonderful privilege, honor, and blessing of cooperating with God in His work and plan of restoration! A change of mind and heart is the very first things that must take place before one starts changing his habits and lifestyle else he does it merely to impress others with his “great body.” Such is self-centeredness and is foreign to the work of genuine sanctification, which is “the will of God.” 1 Thess. 4:3, 4.  What we must be deeply impressed with, is this: Read more